Patient Testimonials

"I've been searching for relief for 2 years! Every other doctor I went to said that I need to live with my symptoms. These symptoms are horrible!!! I saw Jean and she ran tests and we are already finding answers after the first visit!! I wish I found her sooner. The staff is amazing. I highly recommend this practice. Jean actually cares about me and I'm not a number.

The staff was very welcoming and there for any questions. Jean was great. She was able to get me the much needed relief I needed for my migraines and other issues. I highly recommend her office. I'm so excited to have someone in the medical field that will listen to the problem and look for the solution.

Don't wait like I did call her and get healthy.

Jean and her staff was amazing! I'm so grateful to find someone that is will to listen to my problems and fix them!! All the other doctors told me to live with the problems. I highly recommend seeing her. "

- Miriam D.

"Jean Cerna is a Nurse Practitioner but I like to call her doctor. Dr. Jean has me healthier than I was in High School. And feel like a kid again. Thank you, Doctor Jean!"
- Len T.

"I started having, I would say, moderate symptoms that quickly became severe when I was 48 (almost 5 yrs. ago). When I say severe, I couldn’t focus at work, I was always exhausted, I couldn’t sleep at night, I had day & night sweats, and I gained weight no matter how much I worked out. Initially, I went to see my PA in Austin who ran blood tests indicating my results were within normal ranges. She recommended supplements and put me on Thyroid medications. After 2 years of trying a combination of thyroid medications, hormones and supplements, I continued to gain weight. Luckily I happen to find Jean Cerna who looked at the whole picture. Jean quickly addressed my adrenal fatigue issue, combined with my premenopausal state and explained to me that it was going to be a long process with lots of monitoring and adjusting. Unlike most practitioners, Jean has actually experienced all the things I am going through. Once you finally have someone that can empathize with you and understand what you are going through, you immediately begin to feel that there is hope. I am a year into my treatment and can honestly say most of my symptoms have disappeared. I have energy, I can focus, I sleep through the night, I have a healthy sex drive and I don’t experience any night sweats or hot flashes. In addition, all of my replacement hormone prescriptions are less than half of what they were when I started seeing her.

Jean explained that just because your hormone levels are within the standard ranges, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are normal, especially if they are in the low end of the range. The idea is to get your hormones at the maximum level and this is exactly what she did. I am forever in her debt. "

- Connie G.

"I have known for a while my hormones were not balanced but I never thought about actually taking care of myself until I met Jean Cerna. She doesn't rush her appointments and she cares to find out what is really wrong. She also explained how important it is to detox at least 2x a year. I did mine for the first time and I felt great throughout the detox process and afterwards. I strongly recommend everyone to visit with her and start on a path to feeling great about yourself inside and out."
- Jessica V.

"Jean Cerna gives such a personal touch. She really cares and wants to help everyone! She certainly has helped me. I have more progress and a ways to go, but feel I am in a much better place and going in the right direction.

Jean has helped me so much! I have more energy than I have had in years! Very Prompt. My appointment time is my time. Hormone Harmony takes that seriously. The time they give you is phenomenal! Such focus. I feel very well cared for and think that they give a lot to their patients."

- Michael G.

"I am one that has always enjoyed food and drinks. Sometimes a little too much. Six years ago when my dad passed away from cancer, it hit me hard. I was in college, and knocking on the door of 300 pounds, if not more. I tried my best to change my diet and lose some weight, but it didn’t stay off long term, like I was hoping.

In May of 2013 I moved from Lubbock to Houston for a new job opportunity, the opportunity to be closer to family, and the thought of reconnecting with friends from High School. At the time I thought it was unfortunate that the friends I always ran around with in High School had moved on to different groups. Thus, I ended up getting into a new Group where I met Jeanette. At the time Jeanette was going still in school finishing her Nurse Practitioners License and we started talking about ways to truly change my diet to where I could start losing the weight again, and actually be able to keep it off!

Once Jeanette had become a licensed Nurse Practitioner, she & I started talking about her new business venture with Hormone Harmony. I thought this was a great Idea, because I was in the need of establishing a new doctor for general needs, but 99% of my needs are in dealing with my weight. Jeanette got me onto a series of Probiotics and helped me to change my diet to include more fruits and vegetables. At the time I started with these changes, I was 283 pounds. Within about two months, I was down to 245. I am currently holding about 255 now, and planning to start another run in short time to try and lose another 38 pounds!

In the meantime, Jeanette has also been able to offer assistance when I was diagnosed with Shingles. Yes, I’m only 26 and already have had Shingles! Kind of scary since that is considered an old persons disease...but ultimately it is caused by stress. Jeanette was able to get me two different prescriptions, and the itchy uncomfortable feeling of the rash went away within about 10 days. The visible area of the shingles has about 95% cleared up, but from what I have read, the remaining 5% is pretty much going to be a permanent scar noting that Jeanette could of avoided; in fact the ability to diagnose the rash, and get me some medications so quickly I’m confident minimized the long term effects of scaring by at least 100%.

Jeanette’s care to patients is not like that of a normal doctor and makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting with her in her office. From the paint colors to the furnishings, the office feels completely different from that of a doctor with stark white walls, colder than Antarctica Air Conditioning, and everything else that comes from that of the reputation of a doctor’s office. "

- Jeff W.

"I love the fact that you don't have to wait hours to see her, all intake forms are required to be done online which saved me time and stress. Especially because the appointment was for my two year old. Jean it's great! She really took her time with my son and she explained and listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. I didn't feel rushed like other doctor’s visits where you wait long to see someone and be out of the office within minutes."
- Brenda L.

"Thank you for starting down a road where I can start feeling better every day.I am not being woke up with stomach pains any longer and looking forward to seeing you again and getting my hormone 's balanced. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. "
- Cyndi L.

"I had a great consultation. Jean was very thorough in her questions to find out as much as possible and how we can work together to bring balance to my system. We agreed on a plan that will work and help me get to where I want to be. We had a follow up to make sure things were going well and happening as discussed. I've seen some good changes in my health and the way I feel."
- Michelle G.